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Chord > Chord CrimsonPlus RCA ***BEST ANALOGUE INTERCONNECT CABLE - WHAT HI-FI SOUND & VISION AWARDS 2011***  0.5m 0.75m 1m 3m 5m

ชื่อสินค้า :    Chord CrimsonPlus RCA ***BEST ANALOGUE INTERCONNECT CABLE - WHAT HI-FI SOUND & VISION AWARDS 2011*** 0.5m 0.75m 1m 3m 5m 
แก้ไขล่าสุด :    07/02/2012
รหัสสินค้า :    chcprca
ราคา :    ปกติ 3,900.00 ฿  ลดเหลือ 1,899.00 ฿ 
ยี่ห้อ :    Chord
รุ่น :    CrimsonPlus
รายละเอียด :                                                                                                                                   
Review The Chord CrimsonPlus Analogue audio interconnect
& The Chord Carnival Silver Screen Speaker cable *ด้านล่างสุดนะครับ



Chord CrimsonPlus

CONDUCTORS:   Pseudo-balanced 28 AWG multi-stranded oxygen free copper conductors.   Matched signal and return conductors improve sound quality

CONFIGURATION: Signal and return conductors arranged in noise cancelling twisted pair configuration.

DIELECTRIC (INSULATION): Low density polyethylene.

SHIELDING: Dual layer; lapped oxygen free copper shield and high density overlapped foil shield.

JACKET: Conductors encased in soft PVC to reduce mechanical noise, protective outer layer.

COLOUR: Crimson.

TERMINATIONS:   Fitted with new Chord VEE Plugs. A high performance RCA (phono) plug   with vibration eliminating ABS enclosure. PTFE insulated gold-plated   centre pin and low mass signal return surround. Non compression clamping   system reduces potential signal corruption.
Also available fitted with Din plugs, stereo minijacks and XLR plugs. Custom terminations available.  The   CrimsonPlus is available in 0.5 and 1 metre lengths.  Custom lengths   are available to order.  We do not recommend the use of Din cables in   lengths shorter than 1 metre for reasons of sound quality.


Real   performance has always started with the Chord Crimson. Our entry level   interconnect, the Crimson, benefited hugely from the development work   carried out during the design of the Chord Signature interconnect. In   terms of configuration the cables are very similar. Both share   separately insulated signal and return conductors and a floating shield   arrangement. This configuration is part of the reason that the original   Crimson performed so well. 

The latest CrimsonPlus cable builds on   the original Crimson’s performance but takes detail levels and dynamics   to a new level, stereo image is improved and CrimsonPlus has an   extremely neutral tonal characteristic. 

During the development of the latest Chord Company high end cable, we   learned important lessons about the application of heavy gauge foil   shielding. This knowledge has been taken and applied to the new   CrimsonPlus. 

The improvements are significant and   whether the cable is used to link a hi-fi or home cinema, the results   are remarkably consistent. The improved shielding also makes CrimsonPlus   ideal for longer runs and the cable is particularly impressive when   used with subwoofers.

Use it with:

 Improvements can be further enhanced by using CrimsonPlus interconnects in combination with Carnival SilverScreen speaker cable and it is also worth introducing Chord SuperScreen   mains cables. The three cables together produce an extremely   cost-effective cabling system that will help a system to perform at its   best and produce a genuinely musical and involving performance from   almost any system. CrimsonPlus can also be used with Chord Carnival Classic speaker cable to good effect.  

The Chord CrimsonPlus is now fitted with the new Chord VEE plug. The VEE   plug uses a unique ABS enclosure to surround a low mass gold or   silver-plated centre pin and return signal. A special non-compression   cable clamp is also employed. The VEE plug has a profound effect on the   performance of all cables it is fitted to. Detail and definition are   enhanced and pace, rhythm and timing improved.

Real performance has always started with the Chord Crimson. Chord’s   entry level interconnect, the Crimson, benefited hugely from the   development work carried out during the design of the Chord Signature   interconnect. In terms of configuration the cables are very similar.   Both share separately insulated signal and return conductors and a   floating shield arrangement. This configuration is part of the reason   that the original Crimson performed so well.
The new CrimsonPlus builds on the original Crimson’s performance but   takes detail levels and dynamics to a new level, stereo image is   improved and CrimsonPlus has an extremely neutral tonal characteristic.
During the development of the latest Chord Company high end cable, we   learned important lessons about the application of heavy gauge foil   shielding. This knowledge has been taken and applied to the new   CrimsonPlus.
The improvements are significant and whether the cable is used to link a   hi-fi or home cinema, the results are remarkably consistent. The   improved shielding also makes CrimsonPlus ideal for longer runs and the   cable is particularly impressive when used with subwoofers.

"Winner of last year's analogue interconnect Award, and still a   favourite, Chord's dynamic and affordable CrimsonPlus is now even better   with its new plugs. With a fine ability to help kit produce a spacious,   tonally well-integrated sound that also incorporates subtlety, dynamics   and coherence, there's nothing to dislike here. If you're after a first   upgrade to your kit, or just want a cable that'll help it shine   sonically, then look no further than this capable, wallet-friendly   Chord." ***BEST ANALOGUE INTERCONNECT CABLE - WHAT HI-FI SOUND & VISION AWARDS 2011***

"Vocals retain depth and a sense of space, and the wide sound is   well integrated tonally, with a sweet and smooth treble, emotive   mid-range and supple, firm bass. There's nothing to dislike; for the   money, this Chord is a bargain." What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision June 2011


  • The Chord Company CrimsonPlus, 2 RCA to 2 RCA Audio Cable

  • Length: Custom Length

  • Multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors

  • Pseudo-balanced twisted pair configuration, High frequency effective floating braid and foil shielding

  • Low density polyethylene conductor insulation, Vibration controlling outer jacket

  • NEW VEE Gold-plated Chord RCA plugs - also available in DIN and XLR configurations

  • Outer Jacket: Soft PVC internal, extruded hard PVC outer jacket

  • Overall diameter: 5.5 mm

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Please Note: We are unable to ship this item for International orders if a local Chord cable distributor is available


About The Chord Company

The   Chord Company is dedicated to offering excellence in audio and audio   visual cable design. Chord products have earned numerous accolades in   the audio and recording industries over the past two decades. Based in   Salisbury UK, The Chord Company continues to drive cable design and   technology to its limits with the majority of its spectacular array of   performance products designed and made in the UK.


Review The Chord CrimsonPlus Analogue audio interconnect
& The Chord Carnival Silver Screen Speaker cable

The Chord Company เป็นยี่ห้อของประเทศ อังกฤษซึ่งยังตีตรา Made in England อยู่
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สายสัญญาณและสายลำโพงคู่นี้ทาง The Chord แนะนำให้จับคู่กันใช้งานเพื่อคุณภาพที่ดีที่สุด
พร้อมยังมีรางวัล WHAT HI-FI เป็นประกันตั้งแต่ปี 2008-2009-2010-2011 อีกด้วย

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เมื่อนำมาต่อร่วมกันโดยใช้ system
Amp Onkyo A-9755 made in Japan + Marantz SACD 7003 + Pre tube

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